We are a full Digital Marketing Agency. Flyserp Digital Marketing Agency is a tech and digital marketing consulting agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

website seo
best seo company in Lagos

We optimize WordPress-based websites, platforms and online pages for better online ranking and more customer inquiries with one-off or continual digital marketing services

best seo company in Lagos Nigeria

We can help you acquire quality leads & engagement with our Search Display and Video ads with Google's PPC ads. Our targeted campaigns reach various age blocs, geographical locations,

Google advertising is your ultimate solution to market your products, services, mobile app or even event in Nigeria, Worldwide or even specific locations & territories Our campaigns are ran by Google Certified individuals with experience to meet your overall brand objectives of:

Raising awareness with targeted web traffic
Influencing consideration of your various offering products, services or solutions.
Driving sales
Influencing custom call-to-actions such as ‘ ‘Call’, ‘Get Directions’, ‘Subscribe’ and many more.

best seo company in Lagos Nigeria

Our social media marketing services are one-off or renewable depending on your objective. We offer targeted social media marketing packages for businesses, products, services and Social media marketing is all the buzz right now with many businesses joining their audiences right where they’re!  Our social media marketing campaigns in Lagos Nigeria take into consideration your overall objective – whether you or your business aims to create meaningful engagement, by raising awareness and buzz for your services, products or brand’s USP, influence action & sales with product ads & landing pages or delighting your customers & brand evangelists with competitions and custom engagement activities. Our social media marketing campaigns can be ran to target various geographical regions in Lagos, Africa & Worldwide.



Best Digital Marketing Agency in Lagos Nigeria

Our team embraces digital in it's truest form by offering a wide range of digital solutions and differentiated pricing packages for services to suite your objective and budget. We aim to provide a wide range or marketing & branding solutions as a top digital marketing agency in Lagos Nigeria with an in-house services & partner services ready to assist you. Our wide range of certified solutions aim to offer a 360-Degree approach to improve your brand in all branch of digital Marketing. Our social media experts can help you establish your business objectives, identify your target audience, create engaging and share-worthy content and finally integrate your social media with all other aspects of your online presence.


Full Service Digital Marketing Company


Digital Marketing Experts In Lagos Nigeria

We leverage digital marketing insights, analytics & data to make informed decisions along the buyer’s journey resulting in better campaign conversion-rates and great value for your budget. We deliver on client online objectives by utilizing machine learning, continual optimization, targeted digital advertising and custom techniques honed from +10 years worth of award-winning digital experiences.

Our certified team of consultants offer online & off-site digital consultation services, develop custom digital platforms such as websites, mobile apps and e-commerce stores with an aim of improving your overall business’s objective over time.

We manage renewable & targeted digital marketing/ advertising campaigns on Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube), Google Ads (Search & Banner),  Email & Database marketing & bulk SMS to reach general or niche audiences around Nigeria & World-wide.


Effectiveness of Google ads for your business in stats…

- On average, internet users conduct 3-4 Google searches every single day (Single Grain, 2019)
- Google Ads is currently the biggest provider of search advertising on the market (Statista, 2020)
- 96% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising (Curvearro, 2020)
- There are more than 2 million Google Ads accounts (PPC Statistics, 2019)
- 65% of all high-intent searches result in an ad click
- Search ads increase brand awareness by as much as 80% of companies use PPC to sell products directly to consumers
- More than 7,000,000 advertisers use Google Ads PPC (KlientBoost, 2019)
- 80% of all companies focus on Google Ads for PPC (WebFX, 2020)
- 95.88% of Google searches are four words or more (Statista, 2020)
- Google sees an average of 83,787 searches every second of the day (Internet Livestream, 2020)
- PPC visitors are 50% more likely to buy than organic visitors
- On average, businesses earn $3 for every $1.60 spent on AdWords


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Let us help you get your business online and grow it with passion, Need a custom approach to your marketing? feel like your digital campaigns are not converting to meet your objectives? Or maybe your website needs to capture more leads and influence sales? Maybe you just need some help to get things done the right way? Whether an individual, business or organization, we take pride in offering winning solutions.

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website seo
What is SEO?  

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means the process of increasing your website or business visibility on (SERP) meaning search engine result page. Local SEO is done to ensure that your website pages offerings are optimized and ready to be found by your target audience within your areas of operation / locations. Its basically an aspect of search marketing that involves increasing the online presence or visibility of the website or blog of your company

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process by which  website/business is promoted on (SERP) Search engine result pages such as Google and Bing using paid adverts to increase business visibility on the results pages of search engines. See our Search Engine Marketing Catalogue. 

SEO or SEM Which is preferable?

It depends on your decision having described the meaning of the two terms, SEO takes time to build up or rank in some cases, it could take as long as 60 to 90 days depending on the age of your business or website. But once you rank for your business keyword on first page, you get free traffic from search engine result pages without paying a dime. So ranking for your business keyword on first page is a good thought you should consider. SEM or PPC (Pay per click marketing) is much faster to get leads and traffic to your business, Eg. immediately you pay Google for your choice keywords, you get ranked on First page immediately and you only pay for CLICKS to your link or business. Note: This only last for a limited period of time depending on your ads budget you paid for. After your budget is depreciated, you get back to your normal position on SERP. 

Is SEO and SEM Permanent?

SEO may be permanent if your business has attained a high TRUST and AUTHORITY score with search engines. But then it depends on your niche, if there are more competitors in your line of business doing seo, you may notice changes in (SERP). Search engine result pages. If you do seo with us, we watch over your webpages always.

Pay per click marketing isn't permanent, it only works with your budget to rank your business on SERP first pages such that once your budget is exhausted, your ads will stop showing.

Why is SEO important?

Billions of people uses search engines daily, SEO helps you get targeted to millions of Googlers and search engine users. This helps you get more leads and traffic to your business. SEO can help lift your business over your competitors. Example, if you’re selling a common product or service that can be obtained from other websites, the platform that is best optimized will likely make more sales and boast more leads or clients. As well, people go to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to make researches on products or services before buying. If you want your targeted audience to come to you as a business owner rather than you looking for them, then you need to do a search engine marketing campaign.

Why Does SEO Take Time?

The raw truth is this: After making all the necessary changes to your website and optimizing, Google takes time to process webpages and rank them. Google loves authority so much reasons they consider the nature of seo you did for your website before ranking your business. For a new website, ranking your business may take upto 5 to 8 months before you would start seeing valuable results, If you don't have the patience for this, its advisable to go for Google ads PPC Pay per click marketing. For an old business, it takes like 60 t0 90 days to get desired results. Search engines like Google takes time to identify websites among the several billions of pages out there, patience is highly required to get your desired results.

Beware of SEO agencies promising to get you top SEO ranking in days, they’ll end up being penalised by Google. A search engine penalty can have a negative effect on your website for life and a bad reputation online.

What is Google My Business (GMB) ?

A Google My Business account is the only means by which you can claim ownership of your Business Profile, attain management rights to it, and unlock additional free features to increase your visibility on Google. Your Business Profile is Google’s term for your Google business listing. Business Profiles appear in Google Maps and in the local results of Google Search.

Why Do i Need a Google My Business Profile?

Just like you have your business logo, Trademark etc, you as well need a Business profile online. This directs your clients and thousands of web searchers to your local physical office through a Google map and local maps. More Reasons to have a GMB profile:

  • To Engage with consumers
  • Highlight your business
  • Gain insights
  • Perform local SEO
  • Target your information
  • Maintain quality of information
  • Build trust   

SEO is important for any business, but particularly for small businesses that can use local targeting to compete against large competitors on the SERP. Google is making local SEO even easier with its robust Business Profiles, so a Google My Business account is essential for any business trying to maximize visibility in their local market. For instance, we have most persons looking out for Restaurants near them, your business might be among the category to come up if your business is optimized and verified.