SEO Consultation


Grow your business with us.


We love getting things right and want you to be fully satisfied with services provided.

No setup or hidden fees

There are no hidden costs, setup or termination fees attached to our SEO Monthly consultation. All our plans are clear. We do not charge for any additional services.

Professional SEO Experts

The Consultation is handled by Flyserp digital team and a host of experts

Do you own a business? You sell online? Via WhatsApp? Or Facebook? Won't you love to leverage the power of getting clients and business visibility through Google? 

Super excited to announce this achievement we as a team have attained.


The format allows us to have not more than four guests in the broadcasting studio. If you are selected from those who have registered, a member of the Flyserp team will reach out to you directly.

Mic, camera, and headphones are required for your participation.

If you are not selected, you can still watch the session online and have some of your Qs answered in the live chat.